Grant Burkheimer A.K.A. Homage is a HipHop and Dubstep producer based out of Los Angeles
CA. Homage is a newcomer at the age of 22, but has been hard at work on production since he was 14.
Since then he has come a long way, he started playing out at the age of 16, going to open mics and
performing either original hip hop or slam poetry. As he grew older, electronic music grew more
popular, dubstep caught his attention in early 2007 and since then it has been his primary focus.
Homage has played at the now legendary Bassface parties hosted by LA
bass don Sam Robson, playing alongside Jakes, Flying Lotus, and Ras G. Other shows
include the recent Extreme Thing Sports and Music Festival in Las Vegas NV, Frequency with D.R.E.A.M. Brigade affiliates Ahstrobot and Pavorotti.
Homage was recently added to the upcoming Bombadub showcase in Pasadena, which will include performances from Luckyiam (Living Legends), Ashtrobot, Machete, Knorsq and DJ Nykon.
Homage currently has a free EP up for grabs on This 5 song free EP titled
‘FromWhere?’ quickly gained fair recognition and was featured on the US Dubstep website.
Homage’s current projects include a remix for Sam XL and his new project “Pure Filth Sound”

Other projects include a 2 track collaboration EP which will be released with Mesck (another up-andcoming
dubstep act in Los Angeles) and another solo 5 song EP (expected release in Fall 2012).
Currently, Homage is hard at work putting together a ‘FromWhere?’ remix compilation including uand-
coming artists such as Coffi, Audiak, Ashtrobot, The Polymer Drone, The Megadread Project,
Blankface and many more. The release date is unconfirmed at this time however it will be free, and will
feature the best up-and-coming producers the city of angels has to offer! Expect big things from this
artist in the months and years to come.

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